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March 7, 2016

Herpes is one of the most embarrassing viral infections hitting a human body as the mechanisms of its development in the organisms are still unknown thus it is impossible to predict when the next episode of an infection will occur. The herpetic infection is caused by type 1 and type 2 of herpes Simplex Virus. The human immune system is unable to suppress the infection to keep it in latent form or clear it completely out of the body. There is no cure to kill the herpetic infection totally. However there are potent remedies which help to reduce the number and severity of episodes. Aciclovir is an analogue antiviral drug being the most effective herpes killer. Click This Link for Compare Zovirax prices.

Living with herpes is almost impossible as it limits a person’s life. Having an acute form of herpes a person is limited in contacts with other people, can not fully enjoy sexual life and needs to constantly be watchful in order not to transmit an infection (the most common way of herpes virus transmission is a direct contact). Aciclovir is available in pills (200mg, 400mg, 800mg dosages), suspensions and topical creams being an active ingredient of the latter. Buying Aciclovir online without prescription or prior consulting a doctor you should opt for the lowest dosage and strictly follow the instructions provided with the pill box. You should keep in mind that the remedy will not cure the virus but will sufficiently suppress its expression and reduce the occurrence of episodes. Many patients report the relief of symptoms with Aciclovir. Only a doctor can prescribe a patient a full course of treatment considering the conditions, the frequency and severity of episodes, the triggers provoking each next episode and other disease. Some patients will need to take Aciclovir by courses through the rest of the life.